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BSmart card

One card multiple purses
Bolton Council offer all those aged 16 and under in Bolton a BSmart card, which they or their parents or carers can pre-load with eMoney to use for small transactions in outlets across the Town. BSmart is also your library and leisure card and your are now able to use your card for paying for bus travel on all Arriva buses in Bolton.

My sQuid purse for buying things
Load money on your sQuid purse and use it to pay in shops around Bolton. Our map pages have all the places in the town you can use your card or look out for our Pink and White ‘Q’ posters.


My BSmart purse for leisure activities
Your BSmart purse allows you to load money to spend on leisure activities at BSmart providers . Visit the BSmart provider map page to find out more. 


My Transit purse to pay for my bus fare
If your card has the GMPTE logo on it, you can now pay for bus travel on selected Arriva Buses in Bolton using your GMPTE transit purse. Simply top up your purse online and pay using your card on the bus.  


Use your card in shops, leisure facilities and now on buses




Click here to visit the Bolton Council web site find out more.



02-Sep-09: sQuid eMoney on BSmart cards cannot currently be used as a payment method in Bolton schools.



sQuid alternative payment network is protected