Cashless systems for Business & Industry

sQuid is the ideal ePayments network for businesses looking to implement a cashless environment. It's more convenient for your staff and cost effective for your business.

Remove the need for cash
Lots of cash moving around that must be kept safe?
A cost to you for cashing up, storing, cash collection and banking? Or simply need to reduce queues and increase sales? With sQuid, all of these can be removed or made far more efficient through cashless catering. sQuid easily integrates with your Till and EPOS system which enables your staff to pay for food and snacks using the latest smart card contactless technology.

Do you have a business canteen?
Enable your employees to top-up their smart / ID card with funds so that they can pay for lunches and snacks at your office canteen. sQuid can be added to your existing smart card or we can provide you with your own branded card design - your staff will then be able to pay for their food and drink, quickly and easily, using the latest contactless technology. It's simple to use and the system can be implemented in as little as two weeks.

Allow staff to pre-order and pre-pay from your menu online
Very quick and easy to set up, this system can sit alongside a smart card based system or be stand alone.

Case study: Pernod Ricard UK Ltd
Our Cashless Payment system is used by businesses who wish to eliminate cash, and reduce costs and risks of cash handling from the workplace. Download a copy of the case study

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