Top up online to pay for meals, snacks and drinks at Dumfries High School

You can top up your cashless catering account online
You are now able to pay online for your child’s lunch and other catering items at DHS. Information about additional payments for items such as school trips will be made available soon.


Create a sQuid account to top up online

Register and create an account with sQuid:
- Enter a few personal details to create an account
- Top-up your sQuid cashless catering account onlineĀ 
- Top-up from a bank transfer/credit or debit card
- Protect your card balance should it be lost or stolen

Top up your sQuid purse online to pay for DHS Catering services

Top up your child's cashless catering purse online
Top up your childs sQuid purse online to pay for lunch, snacks and drinks at the Cafe DG in DHS.



Login to your sQuid account to top up

Login to your sQuid account to:
- Check your balance; do you need to top-up?
- View your transactions to check your spending
- Top-up your account; bank transfer/credit or debit card
- Update your details and preferences

Having created a sQuid account you will then be able to view your account balance and a breakdown of transactions online at anytime.

What if I lose my Card?

Don't panic! Contact your school
Simply contact the school office and let them know. When you're issued a new card you'll be able to continue to use sQuid to top up your account online.


How to create your online sQuid account

Download our step by step guide
Why not download our easy to follow PDF guide which will take you through the step by step process of creating your online sQuid account. Simply click here or the PDF image to download the guide.


Visit the Dumfries High School page

To find out more
For more information about sQuid on your card please visit the Dumfries High School website.


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