Register online now for your free sQuidcard
You can request a sQuidcard online. You will need to register and create a sQuid account, the usual name and address capture you would expect; we need to know where to send your sQuid card to, afterall.

Once you have created a sQuid account you can then request a sQuidcard, which we will send to you in 3 to 5 working days.


12-Feb-09 UPDATE: New form here tomorrow...

Why register a sQuid card?
Protect your card
When you register your card with sQuid you are protecting the cash on your card in case you lose it. When a card is registered with us (each sQuidcard has a unique 16 digit number on the back) we know it belongs to you and can replace a card and transfer any cash balance should we need to.

Forget cash, remember sQuid

Your sQuid account
Having got a card and loaded it - added some money to it either in-store or online - you can then start to use it.

Once you have started using your card you can login to your account at anytime to check your balance, see what you have been spending and where and top up your card either manually or with our auto top up feature.

sQuid is easier than cash, with its tap and go payment it’s faster than all that slow, frustrating chip and PIN, and it's secure, too. All you need to do is load the card with say £20 (via the web, or in a shop) and you’re ready to go.

If you lose it, you can cancel your card straight-away. And the good news is - it's not like a credit card or debit card, so there are none of those excessive fees or commissions that increase the cost of buying the little things in life.


sQuid alternative payment network is protected