I've lost my card

Don't panic!
So long as your sQuid card has been registered with us and we know who you are then we can cancel your existing card, you can get a new one and we can transfer any outstanding balance from your old sQuid card.

In order to do this you need to:-

Logon to your sQuid account


Click on the 'Lost or stolen card?' link on the left hand side








Select the reason for the new card request from the drop down at the bottom of the screen

Once you have submitted this request we will block your existing sQuid card. We will email you with information about adding a new card to your account


If you have a school or council card, you will need to order one from them directly.


What happens next...

What happens when you advise us to block your sQuidcard?
As soon as you notify us that you have lost your card we will block it as quickly as possible. This may take some time as every sQuid Reader in our network has to be notified. Any transactions that are made using your card before it has been blocked will be processed, therefore the balance transferred to your new card may be less than the balance shown on your sQuid account at the time that you advised us of the lost card.


Replacing your card

Adding a new card to your account
As soon as you block your card we will send you an email confirming your request. When you log back into your account you will see a register card button which will allow you to replace your card. Visit the replace my card page to find out more.




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