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If your favourite coffee shop or the place you buy your lunchtime sandwich or afternoon snack doesn't accept sQuid, then please let us know. We're running a scheme where new shops that have been recommended to us to accept sQuid payments get a £50 discount off the cost of set up, and the person that recommends them gets £10 credited to their sQuidcard. Here's how our scheme works:

Fill in the shop's details in the form below and press the submit button


The next page links to a certificate you can take into the shop giving them a fantastic £50 off the standard sQuid set up fee


If they sign up to accept sQuid payments we'll add £10 onto your sQuidcard as a thank you


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The small print... including terms and conditions

- For every sQuid shop that you recommend that signs up to a 12 month merchant agreement with sQuid we will add £10 credit onto your sQuidcard

- There is no cash alternative

- If more than one person recommends the same shop the reward will be allocated to the person that the shop keeper presents to sQuid to redeem the offer. Each certificate has a unique offer code, enabling us to link back to when it was created

- If a shop signs up to accept sQuid payments as a result of your certificate we will notify you by email and inform you.

- If a shop signs up we will ask you to provide the sQuidcard number you want your reward to be loaded onto

This offer runs for a limited period only, sQuidcard Limited reserve the right to cancel this campaign at any time, in the unlikely event that they should see fit to



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