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How do I Top up my sQuid account?

Here’s how you can add funds to your sQuid account
You can add funds to your account in a number of different ways, safely in the knowledge that your money is always safe. sQuid is regulated by the FCA: for more on this click here. You can only ever spend the funds that you have added on to your card or account. Here’s how you can add funds to your account:


Set up an Automatic top up (ATU) for your account
Never run out of funds on your account. Simply set up an Auto top up (ATU) for your account, specifying how much to add and when, i.e. when the balance falls below a threshold that you set. So long as your stored payment card details remain valid we will top up your account automatically and send you an email to confirm your top up details. For more on Auto top up click here

Top up using a debit or credit card
Simply login to your sQuid account and top up your account using a debit or credit card at any time. The sQuid customer portal conforms to the high level of internet security: your details are encrypted and held safely at all times. So, top up online 24/7 and we’ll send you an email to confirm your top up details.

Top up with funds from your bank account*
Set up a one off bank transfer or a regular standing order, by making a transfer direct from your bank account, using your unique 6 digit bank reference code, which is displayed on the customer portal when you login to your account.

*Please note: bank transfer charges vary depending on the Affiliated Scheme Partner

Friends & Family: Top up their sQuid account with a debit or credit card
You can add funds to someone else’s account too. You will however need your own sQuid account in order to do this. Simply login to your sQuid account and top up their account using your own debit or credit card. You will need the specific 18-digit purse number from your friends or family member’s purse in order to add funds to it.  They can find this on their account by clicking on the ‘My details’ link on the screen.


Where do I find 'Top up' on my sQuid account?

In order to add money to your account online login and click on the 'Top-up' link in the left hand menu, select your preferred payment method and follow the online instructions.

How do I store my debit or credit card details?

Safely store your debit or credit card details for easy subsequent top ups
You can safely store your credit or debit card details with sQuid, making it faster and easier for you to top up your account next time. Just make sure the tick box is checked when you make your next one-off top up. Please click here to view our guide on storing your card detail.

How do I edit my existing stored card details?
You can only store one payment card at a time with sQuid. If you wish to replace your existing stored payment card you will need to click the 'Remove card details' button on the 'Manage my stored payment card' page and then save your new payment card details, when you next make a payment.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

I have just loaded money onto my account. How long does it take before I can use it?
If you top up account online using a credit or debit card, you will immediately see the uploaded value shown as ‘to collect’. The balance is usually available to collect within an hour and is collected onto the card when it is held close to the sQuid reader, or in the case of a biometric system, it is ready to spend within 15 minutes. If you top up using a bank transfer we load the money onto your account as soon as it has cleared from your bank, this can take up to four working days.

Why not set up a standing order?
You can set up a standing order to pay a set amount into your sQuid account on a regular basis, you can set the value and the frequency of the transfer as well as being able to cancel it at anytime.

A purse number is not the same as the sQuid registration number
If you want to top up another person's account you'll need the purse number you want to top up. This is found on the pink bar displaying the purse name on the 'welcome screen' when they login to their account. Please not that this number is different to the sQuid registration number entered when an account is registered.

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