sQuid extends digital marketplace for UK schools

19 April 2022

Being at the heart of the education payments sector means that we understand many of the challenges faced by schools – never mind the additional pressures placed on them by the need to adjust to Covid and the “post pandemic” world. That’s why we have spent the last few months investing in and extending further our marketplace offerings for schools and parents.

These new features are designed to help parents and school administrators better manage the availability and ordering process for school trips, services, bookings and items through our marketplace - improving school office efficiencies and making school payments easier to manage.

The best online payment system… and much more

The extensive range of income management tools and features now include:

  • Booking system to manage school events and teacher-parent conferences
  • Communication system – create and send letters, emails and text messages direct to parents
  • Third Party Invoicing helps boost school revenue streams by enabling schools to offer more services more easily
  • Enhanced Settlement Reporting making it easier for schools to reconcile sQuid payments
  • Childcare Voucher acceptance helping schools to support working parents by using their vouchers for school activities and clubs

Coming soon...

Look out for our new sQuid app which will provide new features for parents and carers – negating the need to submit a request via the school office. We will also release new self-management tools including Balance Transfers, making it easier for parents and reducing the school’s admin burden.

John Gallacher, Head of Sales at sQuid, commented: “sQuid is working hard to provide new features that really help make life easier for schools and parents. Excitingly, we have further developments and feature upgrades under way which we will be communicating in the coming weeks and months, which I’m sure, will be warmly welcomed by our existing and future customers."

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