Busy school sees substantial benefits since switching to new school payment system

Bellfield Junior School, Birmingham

Bellfield Junior School in Birmingham were already enjoying some of the benefits of using an online payments system, but when their Commercial Business Manager suggested that they switch to a new cashless payments and pre-ordering system, they were keen to make the switch.

Simplifying school payments for the school & parents

Bellfield Junior School were keen to become a cashless school, as they were aware of the potential benefits in terms of administration time saved in the office, and reduced costs from cutting the amount of cash being handled. Additionally, parents were keen to use a system that would make catering and other school payments simplier, as well as making communications from the school more manageable. It also offered a convenient way to book clubs, trips and meetings using one online payment system available to them on their home computer, tablet or mobile app.

One of the features that particularly atracted Emma Westwood, Senior Office Manager at Bellfield Junior School, was that all meal orders are made in class with the children choosing their lunch via the interactive whiteboard, whilst simultaneously recording attendance, and bringing other substantial benefits: "We liked that children could choose their meal option each day without having to keep telling the office if they were changing their choice against the SIMS pattern on a particular day." Additionally, "by doing this, it would give greater accuracy of meal numbers taken, and parents would be billed automatically where applicable. It would also reduce the possibility of "forgetting dinner money" when parents came to school. They could do it all online."

Getting started

Emma reports that getting Bellfield Junior School ready to move away from their old online payment system provider was very easy. Their dedicated sQuid Account Manager came into school and provided training for the team, ensuring that setup went smoothly, and that all staff understood their part of the process, with any queries being resolved immediately. Furthermore, they had been provided with a comprehensive set of promotional materials and were therefore able to inform parents about the new service in advance of making the switch, so that most of them signed up straightaway when the system went live.

Bellfield Junior School has seen some substantial benefits since making the switch

Emma advises that the amount of cash coming through the office has been reduced from approximately £650 per week to around £150 so far, and as a consequence the time taken up with counting and banking it has halved.

  • There is quick and easy access to see who has paid money online for lunches, clubs, trips, music etc., so it is much easier to monitor the end of day or weekly financial outlook.
  • The catering team are getting accurate numbers for lunch bookings - administration is reduced, and there is much less food wastage.
  • Parents like being able to top up their lunch accounts or pay for items online rather than having to get cash out and bring it to school, as well as being able to view their account in their own time.

Why you should get started

  • Hassle-proof switching - We handle the entire process if you currently use another payment system.
  • Innovative income management solution and parent app - Intuitive system to manage payments for school services, and mobile app for parents/carers to make fast and easy payments.
  • Interactive ordering and attendance - Whiteboard meal ordering in class increases meal take up and reduces queue times. Children simultaneously mark themselves as present.
  • Extensive reporting - Run, access, download and export reports for income collected, dinner money debt, FSM management and much more.
  • Saves you time and money - Eliminates the need to count, reconcile and bank cash as all payments are made online. Cuts costs associated with cash-handling.
  • Unrivalled training and support - On-site training for all school administrators, dedicated school support from a named Account Manager and first line customer support for parent.

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