sQuid and Downe House

sQuid is FREE to get and FREE to use!

sQuid is an eMoney payment service you can use to pay for those everyday school items such as uniform, tuck and food and drink in the 6th form club, and other items the school require payment for. You no longer need to send cash to the school, you can make payments with your sQuid card in the Stevensons shop.

Students will use their card to pay for things at the school, lost cards can be cancelled and balances transferred to a new card. Parents can be sure that money is spent at school and students won’t have to worry about carrying cash.

Create a sQuid account online

Click here to register with sQuid

- Enter a few personal details to create an account
- Top up your sQuid account online
- Top up from a bank transfer, or credit or debit card
- Protect your card balance should it be lost or stolen

Click here to log in to your sQuid account

- Check your balance; do you need to top up?
- View your transactions to check your spending
- Top up your account by bank transfer or credit or debit card
- Update your details and preferences

Topping up online - which purse?

Different purses are for different functions

You have more than one purse when you login. Please note that it is not possible to transfer funds between them, so please ensure you add money to the correct purse.


Please add funds to the Uniform purse to purchase Downe House uniform items from the school shop.


Please add funds to the Tuck purse to purchase tuck items from the school shop.

Coffee Shop/Sixth Form Club

Please add funds to the Coffee Shop/Sixth Form Club purse to purchase food and beverages in the Sixth form club (Sixth form students only).

Please note, the purse balance limit is set to £100. You can still top up any amount over £100, but funds will be queued and will show as ‘To collect’, and will only be credited to the purse balance once funds have been debited from the initial £100 balance.


Should you experience any issues using your Downe House sQuid card, please do not hesitate to contact the Downe House IS Support department via email at ithelpdesk@downehouse.net