Accepting Childcare Vouchers

Use the Subsidised users feature in sQuid SP to accept childcare vouchers as full or part payment for school clubs

Log in to sQuid SP, entering the username and password provided to you by sQuid. Click on Manage offers and then Create new offer. Enter the required offer details on each page and when you reach the Subsidised users page, follow the steps below.


Select users to be subsidised

Untick No users selected.


Add subsidised users

Search for the user to be subsidised, and click on their name when displayed.


Apply the subsidised price

Discount the Current price to the Subsidised price of the voucher. For example, if the Current price is £50, and the voucher is for £20, then the Subsidised price will be £30. Next, click Save and proceed. Complete the Additional information page if required, then click Save and proceed.


View subsidised users

The subsidised users will be displayed. if this is correct, click Finish.


View all subsidised users

The subsidised users can be viewed in All offers. Click the Actions cog within the offer name and select View subsidised users.

>Download the Accepting Childcare Vouchers guide

For full details on how to create an offer, please refer to the sQuid SP user guide.