Bookings System

Create and manage bookings for school clubs, activities and events

Here you will find a range of features which have been designed to help you create and manage bookings for your school clubs, activities and events.

Create a booking

Booking slots

It's fast and easy to create a booking that requires a place at that event to be booked in advance. Whether it's a Breakfast Club, After School Club or Parent-Teacher Conference, follow the booking wizard to create your booking slots, selecting the date and time of the booking, the number of places available and how often the booking slots will occur.

Additional information

Consent, terms & conditions and further information

When creating a booking, you have the option to request further information from the customer. Whether you require customer consent, agreement to terms & conditions or simply need to ask a couple of additional questions, you can ensure that these requirements are seen at the point that a booking slot is secured.

Take attendance

Attendance Register

If you are required to take an attendance register for a booking slot, select the 'Attendance Register' option. This will enable you to take a register and confirm who was in attendance.

To take the register, simply go into the booking slot, where the Attendance Register will show as 'Pending'. Then, use the slider to indicate whether the user was present or absent from the activity.

Notify parents when booking slots are available

sQuid Communications

If you have sQuid Communications enabled, you can create and send letters, emails or SMS messages to alert customers when a booking slot is available, and ready for them to book online.

Add user

Add user to slot

This great feature enables you to add a user to a booking slot, even after it has expired. This is very useful if you have any users who decide at the last minute that they would like to attend an activity for which a booking slot was available. Customers can then make payment later through their sQuid account.

Administer refunds

Refund a user

Should you find that a user was absent from an activity that they booked on to, you can refund the booking with funds being credited back into their School Trips and Offers purse balance.

To refund the booking slot, simply go in to the booking and select 'View booking slots'. Then select 'View purchases' and select the user you want to refund. Finally, click on 'Refund booking'.

There is also the option to refund every user by selecting the 'Bulk Refund' button.


View reservations

You can view the number of booking slots which have been reserved and track who has made payment within each booking slot, enabling you to identify any users who have not yet paid.

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