Latest updates and developments

Here are the latest features and developments available in sQuid

Welcome to our latest update detailing the newest features and developments which are available in sQuid to help you manage your school trips and other offers.


Processed communications

The number of successful communications sent to parents can now be seen on the Processed communications page and within the search filer. You can see a breakdown of the number of successful and failed sent communications for each message, as well as a cumulative total at the top of the page. Use the filter to check the results for messages sent for a specific date range, and by message type.


Displayed offers

You can now view the number of live, paused and expired offers under 'View all offers' helping you to easily keep track of the status of the offers you create and make available to parents.

Ledger codes

To make it easier for you to search for the correct ledger codes, we have updated the Transactions page within Sales to list the Ledger codes in alphabetical order. We have also enabled a search function to so that you can quickly find the correct ledger code for a specific offer.

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Purchase bulk bookings

If you use the Bookings system to manage your school clubs or other activities, then you may be pleased to hear that parents are now be able to purchase bulk bookings. Once logged in to their sQuid account, they will have the option to either book slots individually or in bulk. If they select the 'Book in bulk' option, they can simply set the date range for the bookings they wish to purchase and add to basket.


Search offers

We have made it easier for parents to find the offers they want to purchase by adding a search feature in the customer portal. Where multiple offers are displayed, parents can now enter the name of the offer they are looking for in the search bar - making it faster and easier for them to selct and pay for their offers.