Latest Developments in sQuid SchoolPay

The latest features and updates available in sQuid SchoolPay

Here you can find out about the latest features and developments which are available in sQuid SchoolPay, making it easier for you to manage the administration of school trips and offers and parental communications.


Edit the price of a live offer

You can now change the full or instalment price of a live offer, instead of having to create a new offer when you want to only edit the price - saving you valuable time.

Publish a previously paused offer

If you have an offer which you have previously paused, and the offer end date has now expired, you are now able to make this offer live to parents. Simply extend the offer end date, and then publish the offer to make it available.

General improvements

We have improved the display options, so it is now even easier for you to view and manage your offers.


Create a new group by selecting users from an existing group

It is now easier to create a new offer group, by adding users from an existing group. Simply view the users in the existing group list and select the tick box next to each of the users that you want to add to your new group.

We have also improved the way groups are displayed, to make it easier for you to view more students at any one time.

Improved student information in Custom Groups

We have now made more information available to you by displaying the student's year and class details, enabling you to easily identify specific students when setting up offers. For instance, if you have two students called John Smith, simply check the year and class details to ensue the correct John Smith is assigned to your offer.

Subsidised users

Make changes to subsidised users in an offer

With the ability to make changes to the subsidised users list, you can add, edit or remove subsidised users in a live offer.

We have also increased the level of information you can now view on a subsidised user and their offers.


We have made usability improvements to the Communications Wizard, making it easier for you to set up communications to parents and guardians.


We have updated the security and access process for school administrators to make it even safer for your team to use the system.