sQuid SchoolPay updates

The latest features and updates available in sQuid SchoolPay

Here you can find out about the latest features and developments which are available in sQuid SchoolPay, making it easier for you to manage the administration of school trips and offers, clubs and activities, and parental communications.

New Booking Management System is now live!

We're pleased to announce the launch of the new Booking Management Module. To find out more about this exciting new development, please click here.


New Offer Wizard

Creating a trip or offer is now easier with the improved offer wizard. As you complete each required step, it will be highlighted in a green to indicate it has been completed.

Setting up payment by instalments is also improved with the use of the payments slider. Use this to determine the amount to be paid for each instalment.

Refund purchases

We have developed the functionality within the system for you to refund customers for school trips and offer purchases which were either bought in error or no longer required. Once you have processed the refund, the funds will appear on the user's Trips & Offers purse balance.

Don't forget to enable the user 'Manage Refunds' permission under 'System Admins' to activate this ability for your Administrators.

Improved additional information requirements

We have improved the way that you can gather additional information from customers to ensure that consent forms and agreements are obtained. If you have opted to attach a form or file, the offer wizard will not proceed until the document is attached, helping you to ensure that this is not missed.

Subsidised users

Subsidising instalment offers

We have created the ability to subsidise single instalments for an offer, meaning that if you have a user who only requires one instalment to be subsidised, you can now accommodate this, giving you greater freedom in how you manage the payment structure for individual users.


Adding templates

When sending out a communication to parents to advise that a new offer is available, you now have the ability to add an existing template, saving you valuable time when creating your offer.