Latest Developments in sQuid SchoolPay

The latest features and updates available in sQuid SchoolPay

Here you can find out about the latest features and developments which are available in sQuid SchoolPay, making it easier for you to manage the administration of school trips and offers and parental communications.


Process multiple on-site purchases

Processing on-site purchases for multiple students is now faster and easier with the ability to enter bulk payments.
Enter the payment details for the first student, and then select the 'New On-Site Purchase' option to enter subsequent payments. Repeat this process until you have entered all of the payments and then click 'Finish'.

Edit the quantity available in a live offer

You can now amend the quantity available in a live offer, with the ability to change the quantity available to zero, so you can show that the offer is sold out.


View users who are yet to purchase an offer

We have now made it easier for you to identify users who have not yet purchased a specific offer. Simply go to 'Sales' and download the 'Not purchased CSV' report which will display the student name and sQuid Registration Number (SRN).


Create and edit templates

We have improved usability of the template content editor so it is now easier for you to create and edit parental communications. You can now copy entire Word documents, images and tables from Excel and Word without losing any of the format.

New token added to Communications

We have added a new 'Purse Balance' token in Communications, making it easier to help parents manage the funds in their account. Whether you want to remind parents that the balance in their Catering purse is low or advise them that they have available funds in their School Trips purse which can be allocated towards an upcoming offer, you can provide them with the latest balance information.

Identifying contacts

We have made it easier to identify who communications are sent to. For example, if a primary contact was previously shown as 'primary' they will now appear as 'Primary MIS Contact'.