Your TravelWest smart card

About sQuid on your TravelWest card

The West of England authorities have teamed up with sQuid, the eMoney payments network, to introduce the very latest in smart card technology designed to make your life that much easier.

Pay as you go travel with sQuid

If you have a TravelWest card then you can add money to your sQuid Travel Purse to buy tickets on participating buses.

Once registered your balance is protected if your card is lost or stolen.

Paying by the sQuid Travel Purse is convenient, safe and secure, and your sQuid account can be topped up with money online so you don’t have to use cash. Your TravelWest card balance is protected if your card is lost or stolen. Some bus operators also offer special offers and discounts for customers paying with sQuid – ask on bus for details.

Top up your sQuid travel purse


Register your card, login and top up your sQuid travel purse using a Debit or Credit Card or Bank Transfer. You can now securely store your credit or debit card details with sQuid, making it faster and easier for you to top up your account.

If you top up your sQuid travel purse before 11pm you can collect this onto your card the following day at a collection point – Please see below to view all collection points.


Simply tell the driver you want to top up the card and by how much (£5, £10 or a maximum £20), hold the TravelWest card next to the ticket machine and your card will be topped up.

Using sQuid on the bus

Before using your card for the first time make sure you have topped up your TravelWest card on your online sQuid account.

1. Tell the driver what ticket(s) you would like to buy.

2. Let the driver enter your ticket(s) on the ticket machine, confirm the price then present your TravelWest card to the smart reader and wait for your ticket to be issued (if you remove your card too early your ticket may not have been processed, so please keep your card on the reader until you hear it beep).

3. Take your paper ticket and if it is a return then keep it for your return journey, just like a cash ticket.

Log in to your sQuid account

> If you are a returning customer and have already registered your TravelWest smart card please click here to log in your account

> If you have not used sQuid before and have a TravelWest smart card, please click here to register it with sQuid

If you don’t have a TravelWest card you can pick one up on participating buses. To use the Bristol Park and Ride you can order a card from the TravelWest website

Why register with sQuid?

sQuid is safer than using cash and provides extra security. Create a sQuid account, register your card, and your balance is protected. You can report loss or theft on the TravelWest portal, and any unused balance will be transferred to a new card by sQuid.

Lost, stolen, or damaged cards

Sign in to the TravelWest website to report your card lost, stolen or damaged and order a replacement card. We will automatically block your lost card to prevent further usage. Once you have ordered and received a replacement card you can register it with your sQuid account to transfer any remaining funds to your new card.

Where can I use it?

Here's a full list of bus companies who accept the TravelWest smart card sQuid travel purse:

• CT Plus
• Abus
• Carmel Bristol (X54 Only)

Where can I collect online top ups?

Top ups purchased online before 11pm can be collected onto your card from 6am the following day.

The top up is available to collect from the below collection points:

Park and Ride Sites

• Portway
• Long Ashton
• Bath Road

On bus

• Abus
• CT Plus
• Crosville Motor Services
• Carmel Bristol (X54 Only)