Busy primary switches to sQuid and benefits from streamlined process

Norfolk Community Primary School, Sheffield

Norfolk Community Primary School's existing online payment provider was no longer meeting the needs of the school and their parents. Through the local authority's new centrally procured online payment contract, they were able to effortlessly switch providers and start using sQuid Online Payments and sQuid Dinner Money: the faster and easier way to manage catering, attendance and online payments for all school services, including school trips, special events and other items. Now Norfolk are enjoying the benefits of a user-friendly, streamlined system, resulting in an increase of over 50% of parents making cashless payments.

Comprehensive sytem: a single, smooth process

Norfolk Community Primary School's online payment provider had not been able to adapt their system to fit the school's needs. The system was not user-friendly, and parents had not engaged with it, frustrating the school's mission to become cashless. However, the school was able to take advantage of the local authority's new centrally procured online payment contract and switch to sQuid, who supported the school with account set-up, on-site staff training and parent workshops. This, together with the school's efforts in promoting the benefits to parents, resulted in a 52% increase in the number of parents registered.

With sQuid Dinner Money, children are able to order their lunch via the classroom whiteboard every morning, while attendance is automatically recorded using the school's registration system. Christine Palmer, School Business Manager, said "sQuid matches our needs and offers much more. They are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the product, and offer everything we need from a system in school: one process from classroom to kitchen".

User-friendly system reduces admin

Norfolk were impressed with sQuid's pre-implementation support, and continue to enjoy the services of their dedicated account manager, and sQuid's help centre team, who are always available to assist with staff or parents' questions and issues. Now they have a user-friendly system which allows them to easily add trips, view who hasn't paid for services, and export the data so that they can keep track of payments.
Parents benefit from the sQuid App too, which allows them to access their accounts, top up, view transactions and access the online help centre.

On the benefits of the new system, Christine said, "Using sQuid in school saves us time, as there is less cash being taken at reception, and reduced admin work involved around trips.". Norfolk Community Primary School are now looking forward to further time savings with their imminent implementation of sQuid's communication functionality, which will enable the school to easily communicate with parents via SMS, email or letter.

"sQuid offer everything we need: one process from classroom to kitchen"

Christine Palmer,
School Business Manager
Norfolk Community Primary School

Why you should choose sQuid

  • Hassle-proof switching - sQuid handles the entire process if you currently use another payment system.
  • Innovative income management solution & parent app - Intuitive system to manage payments for school services and mobile app for parents/carers to make fast and easy payments.
  • Unrivalled training and support - on-site training for all school administrators, dedicated school support and first line customer support for parents.
  • Safe and secure system - sQuid is registered with the FCA.

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