Digital transaction & eLearning solutions

Underpinned by sQuid's core platform & digital account.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Go Cashless and accept payments for Meals, Trips, Fees, Uniform and Clubs online with sQuid’s secure cashless solutions.

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Business Environments & Transit Schemes

Smart cashless payment solutions for businesses and transit networks that provides customers with a faster and more convenient way to pay.

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Educational Development

Our interactive eLearning platform brings education direct to teachers and students in underprivileged environments.

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Humanitarian Environments

Reliable Cash Transfer and Digital Attendance Monitoring systems that are proven in Humanitarian Aid & Development programmes.

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Areas of expertise

eMoney Services

Regulated in the UK and Kenya, sQuid provides a range of end-to-end eMoney services that removes the costs and risks associated with handling cash.

Education & Learning

Our cashless systems are renowned, adding digital efficiency to the campus, and our learning platforms improve education outcomes.

Humanitarian Aid & Development

sQuid’s smart payment & data system technologies deliver scalable, cost-effective solutions for Humanitarian Aid & Development programmes.


Business from a different point of view.

See how we apply our technology capability to provide smarter payment & data solutions in the UK & Africa, helping businesses & governments with the challenges of digital services.

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