A smarter way to travel

No more searching for cash.

Did you know that you can use your sQuid smart card for Pay-As-You-Go travel on any bus operator that accepts sQuid?

Instead of using cash, you can also use your smart card on specified routes, to pay for weekly or monthly tickets.

Why should you use sQuid?

  • It's more convenient than using cash
  • It's safe and secure to use
  • If your smart card is lost or stolen, we can hotlist it to protect the balance and issue you a new smart card

To add money onto your sQuid account and transit card, simply register with sQuid and top up your account - remember you need to add money to your card before 9pm so that it is ready to use after 6am the following day.

Please note that the maximum balance which can be held on your transit card is £50.00.

Never be without money on your card

Once you have registered, you can enable ‘Auto Top Up’ on your account so your card automatically tops up with £20 credit when the balance falls below £8.

Don’t forget that you can use your sQuid card on any bus operator that accepts sQuid.

Using sQuid on the bus

1. Tell the driver what ticket(s) you would like to buy.

2. Let the driver enter your ticket(s) on the ticket machine, confirm the price then present your card to the reader

3. Take your paper ticket and keep it for your return journey, just like a cash ticket

Create a sQuid account online

>Click here to register with sQuid

  • Enter a few personal details to create an account
  • Top up your sQuid account online
  • Top up from a bank transfer, or credit or debit card
  • Protect your card balance should it be lost or stolen

>Click here to log in to your sQuid account

  • Check your balance; do you need to top up?
  • View your transactions to check your spending
  • Top up your account by bank transfer or credit or debit card
  • Update your details and preferences