sQuid has now arrived at your school in Nottingham City Council

What is the school cashless catering system all about?
Your school has teamed up with sQuid to develop a new cashless catering system. Students will use biometric identification or smart cards to pay for transactions, linked to an online sQuid account.

Create an account and register with sQuid

Simple to setup, simple to use
You should have received a welcome letter with your own unique sQuid registration number (16 digits long) and a 3 digit security code. You need to Register with sQuid, create and account and enter these numbers. You will then be able to top up your account and view your balance and transactions.

Parents can be sure that dinner money is spent at school and students won’t have to worry about carrying cash. Lunchtime queues are reduced and the risk of students losing money is removed.


More than one child using sQuid at school?

Each account has a unique Username
If you would like to register more than one child, you will need to register each child separately with a different username. All other security information, i.e., passwords and security questions/answers can be the same for each.


Create a sQuid account

Register your card with sQuid:
- Enter a few personal details to create an account
- Top-up your sQuid cashless catering account online 
- Top-up by a bank transfer/credit or debit card

Login to your sQuid account to:
- Check your balance; do you need to top-up?
- View your transactions to check your spending
- Top-up your account; bank transfer/credit or debit card
- Update your details and preferences

Your account may have more than one purse

Different purses are for different functions
You may have more than one purse when you login, one for cashless catering and one for school trips. Please note that it is not possible to transfer funds between them, so please ensure you add money to the correct purse.

For buying lunch or a snack from the school canteen
sQuid is a smart way for you to top-up your cashless catering purse online, so that you can then pay for your lunch or a snack from the school canteen. Top-up by bank transfer, or from a credit or debit card.


Top-up this purse to pay for school trips
If your child's school has enabled online top-ups for school trips you will also see this purse on your sQuid account. Top-up this purse online, so that you can pay for your child's school trips or other items. Top-up by bank transfer, or from a credit or debit card.


Check your balance online
What's my account balance?
You can logon and check your balance at anytime. You can also view your transactions to exactly how much has been spent and when. You can also download a copy of your transactions.
Top-up your account online
Add cash to your account
You can top-up your sQuid account online, from the comfort of your own home. You can do this using a debit or credit card, or from your bank account.
View your details
Check your details online ...
View your personal details at anytime online. You can also update these by clicking on the Edit details button. You can also change your Email address and Password too.

Extra security
Protect it
sQuid is safer than using cash. Once you have created a sQuid account and registered your card it can be reported lost and then 'hot listed'. Any remaining balance can be transferred to a new card.
sQuid alternative payment network is protected