Cash-based assistance

Safe, secure and reliable technology for humanitarian programmes

Humanitarian actors are increasingly moving towards cash and digital payments to provide assistance either immediately after a disaster, or to help build communities’ capacities in the longer-term. sQuid's proven technology - which is underpinned by its safe and secure, regulated, high integrity payment system - helps NGOs eliminate fraud and improves accountability.

sQuid Cash-Based Assistance Platform

The adaptable platform enables NGOs to provide cash disbursements or commodity credits to beneficiaries.

Platform key components

Key features

Adaptable system with flexible


Improves efficiencies


Proven with multiple large scale use cases

Core technology

  • Robust Android terminals that operate without the need for constant connectivity
  • Configurable components based around a central hosted Digital Account system
  • Safe, secure, and fully encrypted end-to-end
  • Adaptable and configurable system with multiple large scale use cases

Customer experience

  • Real-time tracking of issuance, collection and spend for cash distributions and commodity credits
  • Configurable range of goods
  • Simple access smartcard for the beneficiary that can be encoded with multiple digital wallets

    Field system flexibility

    • Manage price spiking and improve in-field control
    • Improved fraud management
    • Enables visibility and central control, with better management of funds


    "sQuid’s smartcard system enabled
    thousands of individuals to receive vital humanitarian assistance in a
    fast and reliable way.”

    Sara Murray, Electronic Cash Transfer
    Program Manager, Mercy Corps

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