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SchoolPay Bulk Refunds Process

Please be advised that once a Bulk Refund is confirmed, the school will receive an invoice from sQuid’s Finance Team for the refund amount within 10 working days. Once the invoice has been paid, sQuid will process the refund to the account holder’s (parent) sQuid account.
If the account holder would like to request a refund to their payment card or bank account, they will then need to contact sQuid Customer Services by email from their registered email address, or go to the Contact Us page via the website or their account. Alternatively, the funds can be transferred to another purse or user, or the funds can be left on the purse for a future purchase.
Our Customer Service team are working through as many refund requests as possible each day, but due to the amount of refund requests that we are receiving, they can take up 10 working days to be processed, although in most cases we are able to process them well within this timeframe.
Thank you for your understanding.

sQuid Dinner Money manual & guides

Click the links below to view or download the sQuid Dinner Money manual and guides.

> sQuid Dinner Money manual

> How to enter meals guide

>How to mark meals as collected guide

> School Holiday System Checks

sQuid Dinner Money - Help videos

How to enter meals

How to mark meals as collected

How to run and open reports

sQuid Dinner Money - FAQ's

I have forgotten my password, what do I need to do?

If you have forgotten your password, then please enter your username, which is your email address, and click the Forgot your password? link at the bottom of the login screen. An email will be sent to your email address with instructions to follow to change your password.

Meal Ordering is not displaying properly - either the clock is not showing properly or just getting a green arrow on the screen

We advise using Google Chrome to access the hosted portal. If you are unable to use Google Chrome, please contact your IT and ask them to install it for you, alternatively, please follow the instructions below on each affected computer and they should resolve your issue.

  • Click on COG (top right hand corner)
  • Scroll down to Compatibility View Settings
  • Untick the box Display intranet sites in compatibility view
  • Click Close
Meal Ordering is displaying the wrong day's menu

Please follow instructions below;-

  • Log in to sQuid Admin
  • Go to Preorder tab
  • Find the correct menus for the day by clicking through weeks and days
  • Once the correct menu is showing on your screen please click Set Today’s Menu
  • Get the teachers to log out of the Web Client (Meal Ordering) screen and log back in and the correct menus will then show
What are Unfunded Meals that are showing on my Whole School report

Unfunded Meals will show you a list of any person who does not have sufficient funds in their account to purchase the meal they have selected

I think the meal numbers are wrong on the Whole School Report?

Please check the Class Overview Report to ensure all classes have saved their meals

How do I find out my meal numbers for the week?

Please go to the Reports tab and use the dropdown to select the sQuid Reconciliation Report, and then click Create Report.

Why are warnings (allergies) not showing against a particular child?

Please ensure that you have assigned warnings (allergies) to both the child and the product for this to be displayed.

New Starters and Free School Meals Changes FAQ's

I have entered new starters in to my MIS but they are not showing yet

New people are automatically pulled through from the school’s MIS system. This happens overnight at roughly 1am so any changes you make will show the following day in sQuid Dinner Money.

If your new starters are still not showing after 24 hours please email and let them know the names of the people not pulled through and they will get it resolved for you.

How do I find out the sQuid Registration Number (SRN) for a new starter?

Please follow the instructions below;-

  • Go to the Customers tab
  • Search for the required person and then press the Green Plus icon next to the persons' name
  • Find the 16-digit account number and three digit CVV number
  • These are the details you will need to send a sQuid Registration Letter to the new person

If you have signed up for sQuid SchoolPay you will be able to use out Communication module to create emails or letters to send out to new starters.

I have added/removed a child from Free School Meals but the changes haven’t pulled through

Any Free School Meal changes are automatically pulled through from the school’s MIS system. This happens overnight at roughly 1am so any changes you make will show the following day in sQuid Dinner Money. If your Free School Meal changes are still not showing after 24 hours please email and let them know the names of the students affected and they will get resolved for you.

My Free School Meal price is wrong

Please follow the instructions below to amend your Free School Meal Price. Please note that this has to be changed before a day end has been ran to take effect.

  • Go to the Maintenance tab
  • Click Settings
  • Click Financial
  • Enter your new value in the box next to the line that you wish to change (FSM Amount)
  • Click Save

Trips & Offers - User Guides

Please click here to visit the new sQuid School Administrators Supportal for the latest system user guides.

School Trips & Offers - FAQs

I have published an offer which I now need to amend. Is it too late?

As long as the offer has not yet been purchased by any parents, you can make changes by converting it to a draft.

  • Click on the Action cog beside the offer name
  • Click Convert to Draft
  • A pop up message will appear asking "Are you sure you want to move this offer to draft?" Select Move Offer
  • Next. go to Drafts and click the Action cog next to the offer you want to edit
  • Click Edit Offer
  • Make the desired changes and click Save and proceed and then confirm you want to make the offer live
How do I set up an offer for students who are not paying the full price?

You can subsidise the price of an offer for any students who are not paying the full price.

  • Set up your offer, clicking Save and proceed as you continue
  • When you reach the page Select users to be subsidised, please untick No users selected
  • In the Search for users bar, enter the name of the student who will be paying a lesser amount
  • In the Subsidised users box, please enter the amount that the selected user will pay.
  • Click Save and proceed
Can I process cash/cheque payments in sQuid?

If you need to collect cash or cheque payments, then these can be processed by following the steps below:

  • Click on the Action cog beside the offer that which is being paid
  • Select On-site purchase
  • In the Search for user bar, enter the name of the student and then click Search
  • Select whether the customer is paying by cash or by cheque

For cash payments:

  • If you would like to add the monetary denomination tick the Would like to add denominations checkbox
  • Select the denominations
  • Click Buy
  • To add another on-site purchase, click New on-site Purchase or click Finish

For cheque payments:

  • If you would like to add the cheque reference, please click the Customer is payment by cheque checkbox
  • Enter the cheque number
  • Click Buy
  • To add another on-site purchase click New on-site purchase or Finish
Will our students automatically pull through to sQuid?

If you have Exporter installed, then the student information which is held in your school's MIS will automatically pull through to sQuid.

If you do not currently have Exporter and would like this to be installed, please contact your sQuid Account Manager.