School Holiday System Checks

To help plan for the new school term and to continue the smooth running of
sQuid Dinner Money, please ensure that the below checks are carried out, to help alleviate any issues that may affect system operation on your return to school.

Pre-holiday checks

It is important to note that any end of term IT work that you carry out on site can adversely affect the operation of your sQuid Dinner Money system. You should contact to let them know if any of the following work is taking place, so that arrangements can be made with sQuid to carry out remedial work and testing as required.

  • IP changes
  • Server moves
  • MIS changes
  • Internet connectivity, such as proxy settings or changes to your ISP including filter content

Please be aware that resources for this work immediately following a school holiday (particularly in September) are extremely limited. You are strongly advised to book well in advance for testing to take place during a school holiday.

Back to school checks

It is important to test your sQuid Dinner Money system at least the day before you need to use it (maybe on Inset days). This is especially important in September when you have new starters.

Please check the following:

  • Check you can log in to Admin
  • Check new students have pulled through to the system
  • Do you need to update your FSM Value?
  • Do you need to change the prices of your products?

Once you have checked and made all of the changes above, you must run a Day End. This will make sure all of your new starters, year groups, Free School Meals (FSM) and Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) are up to date.

MIS updates not pulled through

Should your MIS update not run in time and the students show in the wrong years, you will need to manually update the UIFSM credit.
For any previous Year 2s that should now be Year 3s, you will need to remove their UIFSM credit. You can do this by following the instructions below:

  • Go to the People tab
  • Filter by Year and highlight all of the students required
  • Click on the Adjust Funds icon
  • Enter the notes in the Description box
  • Select the Transaction type UIFSM Reclaim
  • The amount of the Universal Free School Meal value to be reclaimed will show in the Additional Funds box
  • Click the green tick

To add UIFSM for the new reception years, repeat the steps above, however, you will need to change the Transaction type to UIFSM Deposit and then enter the value in the Additional Funds box.

Checking the Calendar End Date

  • Log in to sQuid Admin
  • Click on the Calendar tab
  • Select Edit Calendar

Year Start/Year End: Select dates for the calendar to start/end. You can either type into the date fields or select the Date button to view a mini-calendar, from which you can select the desired date.

If your school uses the online Pre-order, please make sure that you have entered all holidays including inset days.

Menu displaying incorrectly on Web Client

Should your menu be showing the wrong meal choices, please follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to sQuid Admin
  • Click on the Pre-order tab
  • Select the correct week and day
  • Click on the Select Today's Menu icon

If you are still experiencing issues after completing the above checks, please contact