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Here you will find the answer to our most asked questions. If the answer to your question is not listed here, please visit our Help Centre.

I would like to request a refund of my account balance - how do I do this?

Please contact our Customer Service team from your registered email address to request a refund, confirming the amount to be refunded. Where possible, we will refund a balance back to the payment card used to last top up or make a purchase on your sQuid account. 

If we are unable to refund back to your payment card, or if you usually top up by bank transfer please supply the following details so we may process your refund:

  • Bank name
  • Full name of the bank account holder(s)
  • Account number
  • Sort code

Once your refund has been processed, the details supplied will be destroyed.

Please note that if your child attends a school which falls under Nottinghamshire County Council (secondary schools only) or Nottingham City Council, you will need to contact the school’s catering department directly so they may arrange the refund for you.

If you have Auto top up currently enabled, or any stored payment cards on your account, please ensure that these are disbaled or removed before you submit your refund request. 


How long will it take to process my refund?

Please allow 7-10 working days for your refund to be processed and received by your bank. 


Can you refund a school trip or offer?

Yes we can, however you will need to contact the school in the first instance to request the refund. Once they have credited the funds back into your Trips & Offers purse, we can process the refund for you.


Can I transfer a balance from one sQuid account to another?

If you have accidentally topped up the wrong sQuid account or purse, or you would like to move funds from one child's sQuid account to a sibling's sQuid account, we can transfer the balance for you.

Please contact our Customer Service team from the email address we have registered on your sQuid account and provide:

  • The 16 digit sQuid registration number or purse number of the account you want funds removed from
  • The 16 digit sQuid registration number or purse number you would like the funds moved to
  • The amount you would like to be transferred


I recently topped up but the funds have not been credited to the balance

If you recently topped up your sQuid account and it is still shown as pending, please contact our Customer Service team providing your 16 digit sQuid registration number, the purse number you topped up and the amount so we can ensure the funds are credited correctly for you.

If you topped up by bank transfer, please also provide the reference you used to make the payment and the name of the bank, in addition to the details requested above.


I am unable to log in to my sQuid account

If you are unable to log in to your sQuid account as you have forgotten your password, please request a password reset email by clicking on the appropriate link on the login screen. You will receive an email from sQuid with instructions on how to reset your account.


I have requested a password reset email but it has not come through

Please check you junk or spam folder in the first instance, as our automated emails are sometimes received here in error. If you have already checked these folders and have still not received a password reset email, please contact our Customer Service team.


I am unable to register my child's sQuid registration number

If you see a message displayed advising "Card is already registered", please check whether you or another family member has already registered the details using a different email address to the one you are trying to register with now. 

If you have not registered using a different email address, please contact the school to check that the details you have been issued are correct.

Should you see a message displayed advising that the registration number is incorrect, please ensure that you are not entering the CN prefix infront of the 16 digit sQuid registration number. You only need to enter the digits when registering the details.

If you are still experiencing difficulties registering your sQuid registration number please contact our Customer Service team who can look into it further for you.


Can I add more than one sQuid registration number to my sQuid account

If you have more than one child using sQuid, then you can link their sQuid registration numbers on your existing sQuid account. To do this simply:

  • Log in to your sQuid account
  • Go to the Users tab
  • Click Add user
  • Enter the 16 digit sQuid registration number, 3 digit CVV code and add a Display name to easily differentiate between the users and then click Add


I have a question about a school trip or offer

As school trips and offers are managed by the school, we advise that you contact them in the first instance so they can assist you with your query.


I have been charged for unauthorised items on my sQuid account

As we are not based at the school, we are unable to identify or confirm purchases which are put through the school till. Please contact the school who can look into this further for you.


My question is not listed here

If your question is not listed above, please visit our Help Centre here