Cashless systems for business environments

Smarter, faster, more convenient

Implement an efficient cashless system at your business campus with sQuid’s smart card payment solution. With multi-application capability, the sQuid contactless smart card links to an online account for staff, which can be topped up and managed using an easy-to-use web portal or powerful mobile App.


  • Integrates with existing ID access control, catering and EPOS systems
  • Smart cards are customised according to your brand requirements
  • Android based tablet registers at service points
  • Multi-wallet capability for catering, loyalty and other payments
  • Multi-application smartcards can include Payments, ID, access control, photocopying and printing functionality
  • Staff are able to top up their sQuid account online or by using the sQuid App to pay for food, drink and snacks in the canteen
  • Biometric and other identifiers, such as fobs, can also be used


  • Reduce employee queueing time
  • Improve stock control
  • Staff can view their account and transactions anywhere, at any time
  • Fast and easy settlement of transactions
  • Pre-order functionality
  • Fully auditable payments
  • sQuid processes all transactions and settles to nominated bank accounts

Case study

The decision to change supplier can be fraught with difficulties, but technology-driven language communications leader, thebigword, decided change was necessary as their staff were spending over two hours a day troubleshooting issues with the cashless payment system.

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Why you should choose sQuid

Safe, Secure & Regulated

A safer way to pay, sQuid is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so all funds are protected. We also provide comprehensive financial reporting and data to help you analyse spend.

  • Weekly settlement of funds to either a central or specific catering outlet accounts
  • Powerful transaction and MI reporting

Unrivalled Client & Customer Support

With nearly a decade's worth of experience in delivering cashless payment solutions for Business & Industry, we pride ourselves on our personal approach, on-going client support and customer service.

  • Comprehensive on-site training
  • No need for first-line customer support, our dedicated customer service team take care of that for you
  • On-going support to all outlets from our client support team

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