sQuid Money Remittance

Versatile end-to-end smart transactions platform

Our approach

Many remittance systems are transaction focused, tracking the money transfer through to exit with limited direct consumer account access. Increasingly high global standards mean greater focus on anti-money laundering and compliance - high quality reporting and good control systems are critical.

sQuid Money Remittance Platform

sQuid money remittance is built on our established account-based technology that enables both remitter and beneficiary with a digital account. Remittance becomes a service in the digital account, with full end-to-end audit. sQuid provides the end-to-end process for remittance, or can be used in modules to address different parts of an existing business model.

Key platform components

Core technology

  • Configurable components based around a central hosted Digital Account system
  • Fully encrypted end-to-end
  • Flexible on and off-line features to enable efficient business processes in the user environment

Customer experience

  • Easy-to-use
  • Can be smartcard based at point of cash-out, app-based for smartphone users, or integrated with third party services
  • Consumer-facing portals and self-management features

Field system flexibility

  • Android applications configured to the required operating model
  • Enables the Agents, with full audit functionality
  • End-to-end system with monitoring and reporting for efficient business processes

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