Proven solutions for the Humanitarian sector

Scalable technology that empowers individuals

Safe, secure and reliable technology for cash transfers & commodity vouchers

Humanitarian actors are increasingly moving towards cash and digital payments to provide assistance either immediately after a disaster, or to help build communities’ capacities in the longer-term.

sQuid's proven technology - which is underpinned by its safe and secure, regulated, high integrity payment system - helps NGOs eliminate fraud and improves accountability by providing a full audit trail. NGOs can opt to provide cash or commodity credits to beneficiaries, which are delivered on multi-wallet contactless smartcards that's branded to design requirements.

"sQuid’s smartcard system enabled thousands of individuals to
receive vital humanitarian assistance in a fast and reliable way.”

Sara Murray, Electronic Cash Transfer Program Manager at Mercy Corps

Digital Attendance Monitoring

Proven in 205 schools in rural Kenya, sQuid CheckIn is a robust smart-card based attendance monitoring system that directly assists school management in accurately identifying absenteeism. The non-disruptive process only takes a few minutes each class and introduces students to 'digital' technology.

The secure system generates real-time data and analytics that can be used to formulate appropriate actions and strategies to help bring students back to school - helping to identify and address the social and economic issues behind absenteeism.

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Interactive Learning Platform

sQuid’s interactive learning platform delivers digital education direct to teachers and students in underprivileged environments. Accessed via the internet or satellite broadband in rural areas, students can access from tailored content that's aligned to the national curriculum and has been supplied by education specialists. Individual, class, school and geographical area activity is captured and reported on using advanced analytics, and distributed to programme stakeholders.

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Programme & Intervention Delivery


We partner with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), governments and private sector organisations to deliver Humanitarian Aid & Development programmes.

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Our own pioneering learning development programme in Kenya, in partnership with private sector organisations, the UK’s Department for International Development and the Kenyan government. It supports 150,000 schoolchildren in 205 primary schools.

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Case study

The iMlango programme, Kenya

“The iMlango project seems to have managed to join up all the necessary components, and the excitement it has generated in schools is very evident on the faces of not only the children but the head teachers and teachers too”

Chris Wallace, Programme Lead at the Girls’ Education Challenge

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