Support pages to help you with sQuid.

For Parents>

More information on what sQuid is, how to use it and why your child's school has implemented the system.

For College & University Students >

Find out more about how to use sQuid in your College or University.

For Transit>

Use sQuid on your local transport network? Find out more information about sQuid for transit here.

For Business Campuses >

Need some help? Find out how to use sQuid in your office.

For Schools >

Useful information, guides and videos for school administrators.

Your School or Campus sQuid page >

If you are looking for your dedicated school, college, university or business campus site, please type the designated URL into the navigation bar.

Customer Services >


Our customer service team is email based and are open from 9am to 3:30pm on weekdays. Please note that we are currently experiencing a higher volume of queries than usual due to the Covid-19 situation and it will take us slightly longer to respond. Please be assured that we will reply to your query as soon as possible.