Fast, easy and effective cashless payments

One comprehensive system for Academy Trusts to manage school income, parent communication and bookings.

Secure Online Payments

sQuid enables parents to pay online for their child’s school meals without the need to send cash or cheques to school. It’s easy to set up, and sQuid settles the payment directly to the school or a central Trust account. sQuid can also be used for school trip payments and much more.

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Cashless Catering & Attendance

sQuid integrates with a number of cashless catering systems to enable online payments in schools. Parents can make top up payments to their child’s catering account through sQuid, 24/7, removing the need for pupils to bring cash into school. sQuid includes online access for parents and administrators, including web pages, online top ups and records of transactions, all accessible through a secure online portal.

School Trips, Clubs and Bookings

Parents use the sQuid school portal to make payments for items such as school trips, uniform, bookings or other school related payments. Parents simply go online and are presented with a range of items that are specific to their child. They can then make quick secure online payments without the need to send cash or cheques into the school. All paid transactions can be viewed online by the parent should they need a record of what they have paid for.

Cashless system benefits

Improve efficiencies across multiple sites

Managing and banking cash incurs unnecessary costs and administrative effort at individual schools, which are compounded in a Trust.

By replacing manual processes with digital systems, leadership teams can drive administrative efficiencies at a significantly reduced cost across a group of schools. Cashless systems provide improved central and school level reporting, equipping management with the financial information needed when dealing with multi-school sites, in different locations.

Redirect staff resources

Whether it be in the classroom, school office or kitchen, staff time is valuable.

Cashless systems enable management to redirect staff time away from managing cash and cheque payments to much more important tasks; enabling a more effective use of the Trust's human, and financial, resources.

Deliver an improved parents experience

Today's parents demand convenience. With an ever increasing amount of people favouring online payments, Trusts can't afford to depend on cash.

Cashless systems enable parents to pay - safely and securely - for catering, trips, clubs, uniform, and other school items online at any time, or by using an App on their phone. These frictionless payment methods open up opportunities for additional income to be generated by individual schools, and across the group.

Why you should choose sQuid

Comprehensive Income Management & Communication System

Easy to use system to manage payments and administer trips, clubs, school-related bookings, ticket sales and donations. Enables schools to manage parental consent together with payments online. Fully-integrated communication module to send school messages to parents.

Convenient for Schools, Students & Parents

A more convenient and safer way to pay, sQuid is an online smart account for parents that can be topped up and managed using an easy-to-use web portal or powerful mobile App.

Unrivalled Client & Customer Support

With nearly a decade's worth of experience in delivering cashless payment solutions for schools across the UK, we pride ourselves on our personal approach, on-going client support and customer service. Benefits include: comprehensive on-site training; no need for parent first-line customer support as our dedicated customer service team take care of that for you; and on-going support from our client support team.

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