sQuid attends first ever global STEM education event

11 September 2023

Once again sQuid has been attending the mEducation Symposium in Arlington, Virginia. An opportunity to look at how technology is rising to the education challenge in developing countries and to share views and experiences. With the emphasis this year being on STEM, the mEducation team is hosting the first ever global STEM education event.

Opinion is strongly of the view that digital tools are a key enabler of STEM progress, with continuing focus on the teachers as the enablers of course. But we can also see a growing consideration of the role of parents with the increasing penetration of smartphones. This is something sQuid has advocated for some years, having been one of the first to build a parent-phone literacy application that gave access for children when at home, as part of our award-winning iMlango programme in Kenya.

Interested to see what our peers think, we have been running a poll for symposium attendees to gain an insight into how they feel technology, literacy and STEM entertwine; and we are seeing some interesting data emerge.

What have we learned so far?

Across is the results so far from our second poll: What digitial approcah would deliver greatest impact in improving engagement amongst children in STEM? and already there seems to be an overwhelming feeling that delivering impact starts with the teachers; and ensuing that they have the tools they need to deliver the most engaging lesson possible.

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