Latest Developments from sQuid

The latest features and updates available in sQuid SP

We are delighted to share the following features and updates which are now available in sQuid SP, helping you to manage your school trips, offers and bookings more effectively.


New Reporting Dashboard

We have introduced the new Reporting Dashboard - a convenient way to view all transactions and purchases for your trips, offers and bookings. Conveniently located within the Sales tab, this replaces the CSV download button which was previously available. You can select a 'Purchase' report, providing parent responses to mandatory questions, or a 'Transaction' report detailing which users have made payment, the amount paid, and any outstanding balances.

Booking slot sales

The number of booking slots sold can now be viewed on the Sales page. Simply use the toggle on the right hand side to change the category from 'Offers' to 'Bookings'. To view the users who have purchased a booking slot, click on the cog next to the booking slot name and click 'View purchases'.


Subsidised booking slots

You can now subsidise future booking slots for specific users, and quickly apply the new price to all of the booking slots within that booking for them.

Simply go to 'Manage bookings' and select 'View all bookings' to find the booking slot you want to add subsidised users to. Click on the cog next to the booking slot and select 'Subsidise a user'. In the search box, enter the name of the user to be subsidised and then enter the new price. To apply this new price to all of the booking slots within the particular booking, click the tick box 'Apply the same subsidised price across all slots for this booking'.


Refunds increase the offer quantity

Processing a refund for an offer or booking slot will now automatically update the quantity - increasing the number of places available to purchase. Please note, that if you process a refund for an offer or booking slot which was previously shown as sold out, this will now make it available again for parents to purchase.

Improvements to offer wizard

We have improved the offer wizard so that it is easier to create and view your offers.

Information points have been added to explain steps such as 'Price set by user' so that you can decide if you want to include this option for your users. The Additional Information and mandatory questions page has also been updated to improve functionality.

Adding a new category or ledger code will now automatically display as an option when you create a new offer. The new category or ledger code will pull through to the offer wizard, so you will not need to add it again in the new offer.