sQuid has now arrived at your school

What is sQuid?

Our school has teamed up with sQuid to introduce a new way to pay for school meals online. sQuid is convenient, safe and secure, and can be topped-up easily online, so your child does not need to bring cash to school anymore.

Simple to set-up, simple to use

You should have received a welcome letter from your school which contains your own unique sQuid registration number (16 digits long) and a 3 digit security code. You need to Register with sQuid, create an account and enter these numbers. You will then be able to top-up your account and view your balance and transactions.

Create a sQuid account online

Click here to register with sQuid

  • Enter a few personal details to create an account
  • Top up your sQuid account online
  • Top up from a bank transfer, or credit or debit card
  • Protect your card balance should it be lost or stolen

Click here to log in to your sQuid account

  • Check your balance; do you need to top up?
  • View your transactions to check your spending
  • Top up your account by bank transfer or using a credit or debit card
  • Update your details and preferences

Your cashless Catering purse

For buying school meals

sQuid is a smart way for you to top-up your cashless catering purse online. Top-up by bank transfer, or from a credit or debit card.

More than one child using sQuid at school?

Add additional children to your sQuid account

Simply log in to your sQuid account and add their sibling's unique sQuid registration number and 3 digit security code to your existing sQuid account, by selecting the 'Add user' option on the 'Users' page. Don't forget to assign a display name so you can differentiate between the different user accounts.